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5 Server VPN system

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AVS VPN Pro Pack

AVS VPN Professional Pack (5 server VPN system)

Most users need more than one VPN server as an option for day-to-day usage. The five server system allows your users the flexibility to watch geo-restricted content in 5 different countries. Perfect for ex-pats and users on their travels. The included VPN Android App will allow easy connection to any of the 5 servers and will accept payment for access via PayPal and Card.

All you need are 5 VPS servers located in the countries from where you'd like to provide VPN services from. We connect to them via SSH and install our VPN module, API endpoints and your CMS panel on your main server.

On handover we provide you with a working Android VPN app that uses your servers, the source code for the application, login credentials for CMS access and a complete API document so that you can commission any end-product that you require.

This is a complete service that will provide a complete VPN system that you can start using right away. After purchase we will contact you via e-mail for SSH access to your new servers.

We suggest, at entry level, 5 VPS servers with at least 4GB RAM, a 20GB hard disk and enough bandwidth to cover your expected usage.